Chapter 12. Privacy Considerations

Table of Contents

The Dangers of Communal Web Browsers
Using personal data
Enhanced Privacy Login Options
Browser History

This section deals with user privacy. Systems that deal with private user information such as social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, medical records or account details typically need to take additional steps to ensure the users' privacy is maintained. In some countries and under certain circumstances there may be legal or regulatory requirements to protect users' privacy.

The Dangers of Communal Web Browsers

All systems should clearly and prominently warn users of the dangers of sharing common PC's such as those found in Internet Cafes or libraries. The warning should include appropriate education about:

  • the possibility of pages being retained in the browser cache

  • a recommendation to log out and close the browser to kill session cookies

  • the fact that temp files may still remain

  • the fact that proxy servers and other LAN users may be able to intercept traffic

Sites should not be designed with the assumption that any part of a client is secure, and should not make assumptions about the integrity.