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Database Server section added

I have added a Database Server Security section to this site. This will cover database server security specifically. Our first additional is Oracle.

Now onto a few site changes:

• I have removed the Intrusion detection tab for the time being because I don't feel I'll be working on it for at least a few months.

• In the next month I will be adding a complete advisory list of every web server, database server, and application server mentioned on this site.

• We are still looking for someone to create us a animated banner. This site is non-profit and for this reason we can't afford to pay someone to create us a banner. We will provide the creator of our banner free advertising, along with proper credits given.

This site is really growing. If you feel we are missing something (In any section) please contact us. I run this entire site in my spare time, and I try to provide quality content


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