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Frontpage takes down superhacker

"Kevin Mitnick, the notorious former hacker turned security consultant and tech celebrity, has been targeted by Pakistani crackers in a series of web face defacements attacks.

Four websites associated with Mitnick's various ventures were sprayed with digital graffiti on Monday in an apparently personal attack. The sites defensivethinking.com, mitsec.com, kevinmitnick.com and mitnicksecurity.com (which all run on Linux, incidentally) were defaced with offensive messages that said "hacking was for homos", among other things. We'll leave it to psychologists to say what that message says about the perps of the attack, but irony obviously isn't their main stock in trade."

"Misconfigured FrontPage extensions were used to carry out these attacks, Zone-h reports"

Say it ain't so Kevin!

Article Link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/08/22/mitnick_hack_attack/


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they did it for the fame just like all the other ignorant hackers