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Hailstorm of Microsoft Patches Released

"Microsoft today issued a record-breaking number of security updates, fixing at least 26 separate security holes in its Windows operating system and other products, including 16 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and Office components.

By my count, this is the largest number of flaws Microsoft has fixed in one go outside of a Service Pack. Among the problems addressed in the ten patch bundles released as part of its monthly patch cycle are four flaws in Office, as well as four security holes each in different versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (one of the Word flaws is only present in the version made for Apple Macintosh systems)."

Also worth noting was a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability discovered in .NET 2.0.

Patch Link: http://update.microsoft.com
Article Link: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2006/10/microsoft_updates_fix_26_secur.html


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