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My experience at blackhat/defcon

Vegas was interesting this year to say the least. For starters I finally got to attend NOT as a vendor which I gotta say was pretty nice. Here are the talks I attended.

Intranet Invasion With Anti-DNS Pinning
It's All About The Timing
Tactical Exploitation (Part 1)
Dangling Pointer
IsGameOver(), anyone?
The Art of Unpacking
Active Reversing: The Next Generation of Reverse Engineering
Breaking C++ Applications <--- Go Duke!

The OWASP/WASC party at the shadow bar was really good (thanks for hosting it Breach), we had maybe 250-300 people turn out. It was good to finally meet some of the people involved in WASC projects for the past 2-3 years in person such as Ivan Ristic and Ryan Barnett. Unfortunately I missed the exposure of the reporter by about an hour at defcon (had to get some food). Fortunely I missed a shooting by about 30 minutes or so at ceasars (being shot at totally sucks ass). Just an observation, why is it every year everybody states 'I can't do more than 3 days in vegas' and every year they keep coming back for 4+? :)


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