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Undercover reporter ousted at defcon, probably pretty f@!ked

UPDATE: Her myspace page was linked off of defconpics.org and shortly after has been removed from myspace. No word on how it was removed at this time.

An NBC reporter (Michelle Madigan Associate Producer of NBC Dateline) was found to be trying to find hackers for hire and recording them with a video camera. Jeff moss the organizer at the blackhat/defcon conferences in las vegas was nice enough to let everyone know during the spot the fed competition (video below).

Jeff gave her several chances to come clean and wear a normal press badge. When she refused he decided to let the other media attending the conference know she was about to be exposed minutes before doing so. Some people won't take kindly to this at all and there's a pretty good chance she is going to be in a world of hurt. For those of you who have monitored Full Disclosure for the past few years you know what I mean....

From ZDNET on the matter

"According to Senior DEFCON official “Priest” who works for the Government in his day job, Madigan declined press credentials on four separate occasions (twice on phone and twice at DEFCON). Madigan proceeded to register as a regular DEFCON attendee and even told a DEFCON staffer that she was going to the bathroom to get her hidden camera ready. When a DEFCON goon (staffer) explained to Madigan that secret video taping wasn’t allowed, Madigan not knowing she was speaking to a goon replied that she didn’t think it wasn’t a problem. The staffer then followed Madigan around and watched her as she panned her hidden camera around the entire “Capture the flag” room to get unauthorized video of the members." - ZDNet

Pictures of the incident: http://amishrabbit.smugmug.com/gallery/3253654
Additional Information at ZDNET: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/?p=653


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