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Warcraft.net and Battle.net get hacked by polite hacker

As a Diablo2 fan I just had to post this.

" Blizzard's Warcraft.net and Battle.net websites have recently come under attack from an Algerian hacker who went by the name of "LeHackeur".

This hacker added an extra file on the sites' main servers, which displayed an image of a skull, as well as a message of USA versus Israel to whoever visited either of those sites at the time of the attack.

What's interesting about this is that besides the imagery and message, the hacker also left a note, apologizing to the admin of the sites and reassuring that he didn't delete any of the original content. And it looks to be that way, as both websites are now back up with everything all spiffy-like. It's as if they never got hacked in the first place."

Article Link: http://mmorpg.qj.net/Warcraft-net-and-Battle-net-get-hacked-by-polite-hacker/pg/49/aid/101933


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