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Why bug hunt should be for sale

"As the director of strategy for online auction Web site WabiSabiLabi (WSLabi), Preatoni hopes to redefine the role of hackers from one that is out to destroy the intellectual property others create, to one that can contribute positively to the field of Internet security.

Also the CEO of Domina Security and founder of cyber crime archive Zone-h, he believes that hackers have a profession that is no different from those conducting research in other fields, such as medicine and engineering. They should therefore not be "forced" to give away their discoveries for free but should instead be rewarded for their work, he said.

To champion this cause, Preatoni and two other security professionals in July launched WSLabi, offering a platform to facilitate the sale and purchase of security vulnerabilities and research. "

This article covers some Q&A worth reading.

Article Link: http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/security/0,39044215,62031943,00.htm


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