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Mozilla Dismisses New Firefox Flaw Warning

"Mozilla chief evangelist Mike Shaver says the latest Firefox information leakage bug warning is exaggerated.

Published reports of an information leakage vulnerability affecting fully patched versions of the open-source Firefox browser have been greatly exaggerated, according to Mozilla chief evangelist Mike Shaver.

Shaver's sharp retort follows the release of an advisory by hacker Ronald van den Heetkamp claiming that the most recent Firefox is susceptible to a bug that allows hackers to view sensitive information on a target machine.

Information leakage can be used for reconnaissance in targeted attacks and typically rated as a "low risk" flaw, but Shaver said van den Heetkamp is "simply mistaken" about the vulnerability claim."

Article Link: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/Mozilla-Dismisses-New-Firefox-Flaw-Warning/


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