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Hackers jack thousands of sites, including UN domains

"Large numbers of legitimate Web sites, including government sites in the U.K. and some operated by the United Nations, have been hacked and are serving up malware, a security researcher said today as massive JavaScript attacks last detected in March resume. "They're using the same techniques as last month, of an SQL injection of some sort," said Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research at Websense Inc., referring to large-scale attacks that have plagued the Internet since January.

Among the sites hacked were several affiliated with either the UN or U.K. government agencies, said Websense.

The exact number of sites that have been compromised is unknown, said Hubbard. He estimated that it's similar to the March attacks, which at their height infected more than 100,000 URLs, including prominent domains such as MSNBC.com. "

Article Link: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&taxonomyId=16&articleId=9079961&intsrc=hm_topic


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