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Layer 1 attack shuts down Peter Gabriel website

As reported by thereg Peter Gabriel's website was attacked this morning, this time at layer 1.

From www.petergabriel.com

"Real World, Peter Gabriel and WOMAD web services are currently off-line. Our servers were stolen from our ISP's data centre on Sunday night - Monday morning. We are working on restoring normal service as soon as possible.

If you want WOMAD tickets in a hurry they are available from various retailers like Ticketmaster, we hope to have our store running again soon and will keep you posted on developments. "

If you're in charge of security planning at your infrastructure this would be a friendly reminder to review your access policies :) More info at theregister below.

Article Link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/05/05/peter_gabriel_server_theft/


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