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Elevator pitch for explaining security risks to executives

Lenny Zeltser has posted an entry on sans on how to pitch security risks to upper management.

"How to catch the attention of a busy executive, to highlight an important security risk? An elevator pitch is a persuasive statement delivered verbally in the time you would share with the listener in an elevator--about 60 seconds. It is often used by entrepreneurs to convince a potential investor to learn more about the start-up. We can use an elevator pitch to highlight the importance of a security risk to a business or IT executive.

If you've never given or heard a traditional elevator pitch, take a look at the Elevator Pitches website at TechCrunch, which presents many videos from hopeful entrepreneurs. (Consider pitches for SmugMug, Ugobe, Framr.) You may notice that those pitches that catch your attention have a few characteristics in common"

Article Link: http://www.networkworld.com/techinsider/2004/0517techinsidertips.html


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