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Tools: Peach 2.1 Fuzzing Framework BETA3 Released

From the 'Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free ' department

The following was posted to the full disclosure mailing list.

"Peach 2.1 BETA3 has been released!

This new beta includes a lot of changes and makes Peach feature complete for the 2.1 release coming in the next month or so. There are lots of changes in this release. I will hit the highlights, but look for a slew of blog posts covering new features in this release.

I should point out ahead of time I renamed <Template> -> <DataModel> and <StateMachine> -> <StateModel>. This is not a breaking change as the parser will accept both names for now. The only breaking change in this release is the removal of the <Sequence> data element. I decided it was not required for a pure model and instead, <Data> specifications should be used.


Release Notes:
* New: Peach Validation UI
* New: Element named Hint. Privides hints to mutators about data elements.
* New: Data elements can now specify a file to load. The file will be cracked based on the data model.
* Change: Renamed Template element to DataModel
* Change: Renamed StateMachine to StateModel
* Change: "Fixup" added to replace use of Generators to create crc32's, etc.
* Change: Internal DOM cleaned up
* Change: Exposed Mutators, easy to create new Mutators
* Change: Removed Sequence data element.
* Bug fix: Relation's between Template and sub element
* Bug fix: Blobs missing length attribute in Schema
* Known issue: Choice data element does not work correctly yet
* Known issue: Parsing incoming data into a data model does not always work correctly.
* Known issue: Several of the data model mutators (remove node, duplicate node, swap node) do not properly calculate the number of test cases they produce.

Tool Link: http://peachfuzzer.com


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