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Proxy Attack Stupid Buzzword Contest

I just released a paper on an attack vector against certain transparent proxy architectures via the use of client side plugins with sockets support. If you've been reading this site for awhile you can probably tell that I frown upon new industry buzzwords and often make fun of new silly sounding terms. Rather than selecting my own ridiculous and unnecessary buzzword I am asking the community to come up with the best silly buzzword and talk name and post it here. 

- Proxy Jacking
- Cyber Jacking
- Proxy Request Smuggling
- Host Request Splitting
- HTTP Riding/HTTP Galloping/HTTP Proxy Prancing
- PITM: Proxy in the middle attack

Example talk names:
- Proxy jacking the web cybervisor
- Pwning proxies for <x> and profit
- Smashing the SOP for <insert something witty here> and profit
- I broke the SOP and all I got was this lousy http response
- I broke the Proxy and all I got was this lousy http response
- Cyber jacking the intranet for make benefit of malicious activities
- In mother Russia, proxies own you!

The winner will get street creds for contributing and 1 beer if they bump into me at an event :)

Comments are open so please post your ridiculous suggestions!


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Peculating Proxy
Peculating Proxies and the Personnel Problems they Pose

Rock'em Sock'em Prox'em

Proxy Phishing

talk: Joe was to shy to ask Jane for her password so he asked John to do it instead

Client Flogging (you know you want to)

proxy masturbating

Transparent Proxy Swigging

Sprocket: socket to proxy architecture attack
(Combination of proxy and socket)

Talk: Apparently some sort of proxy broke and now I can't finish my flash movie.

Down with O.P.P. - other people's proxy


"Down with O.P.P. - other people's proxy"

That will qualify you as the winner for the talk name. To bad you're anonymous, no beer for you! :)

HTTP Taming

I Broke a proxy and i liked it


Attack names:
OSI escalation
OSI crosstalk
7/3 override

Talk names:
All your proxy are belong to us.
Yet Another Nmap Scan Mode
Smashing the (OSI) stack for fun and profit