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T-Mobile confirms hackers' info is legit

"The information posted over the weekend by hackers who claimed to have hacked T-Mobile is legit, T-Mobile now says. But, it's not clear that the hackers have the full access to T-Mobile systems they claim.

On Saturday, hackers posted what appear to be logfiles taken from T-Mobile's networks to the Full Disclosure mailing list, claiming to have hacked the carrier  "We have everything, their databases, confidential documents, scripts and programs from their servers,  financial documents up to 2009." they wrote.

Earlier today T-Mobile said it was investigating the hack, but they've now updated their statement, saying that they've identified the file that was copied, but noting that the fact that the hackers got this file doesn't necessarily mean that they have "everything," as claimed.

An e-mail I sent to the [email protected] address listed by the hackers bounced, so I can't ask them questions directly.

Here's T-Mobile's latest statement:

"To reaffirm, the protection of our customers' information and the security of our systems is paramount at T-Mobile.  Regarding the recent claim on a Web site, we've identified the document from which information was copied, and believe possession of this alone is not enough to cause harm to our customers.  We continue to investigate the matter, and have taken additional precautionary measures to further ensure our customers' information and our systems are protected.  At this moment, we are unable to disclose additional information in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, but customers can be assured if there is any evidence that customer information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as quickly as possible.""

Read more: http://blogs.csoonline.com/t_mobile_confirms_hackers_info_is_legit
Additional information: http://darkreading.com/security/attacks/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217800147


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