Web Application Penetration Testing

This section provides information for penetration testers. Some of this content is in other sections of this website already (The library). I just created this page as a quick reference. Please, if you feel I that I've missed a important link or document (Or you just feel like chatting :) Email Me.

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Penetration Testing for Web Applications (Part One)
Penetration Testing for Web Applications (Part Two)
Penetration Testing for Web Applications (Part Three)

Site Sections:
SQL Injection Page
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Session ID Attacks:
Brute-Force Exploitation of Web Application Session IDs, November 1, 2001 (PDF)
- David Endler iDefense

Session Fixation Vulnerability in Web-based Applications v1.0, December 2002 (PDF)
- ACROS Security

Cookie Modification and Poisoning:
Hacking Web Applications Using Cookie Poisoning, 2002 (PDF)
- Amit Klein/sanctuminc

HTTP Header Modification:
Header Based Exploitation: Web Statistical Software Threats, January 2002 (TXT)
- www.cgisecurity.com

TCP Port 80 - HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Header Exploitation, Sept 11th 2002 (HTML)
- William Bellamy Jr.

CRLF Injection, (TXT)
- Ulf Harnhammar

Log Forensics:
Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks: A look into web server, and web application attack signatures. , November 2001 (TXT)
- www.cgisecurity.com

Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks: A look into web server, and web application attack signatures: Part Two., March 2002 (TXT) (HTML)
- www.cgisecurity.com

Web Application Forensics: The Uncharted Territory, 2002 (PDF)
- Ory Segal/sanctuminc
Note: This paper has been posted for its information base only, and we in no way promote or support the products mentioned within.

A Study in Scarlet: Exploiting Common Vulnerabilities in PHP Applications (TXT) (Spanish) (French)
"A reprint of reminisces from the Blackhat Briefings Asia 2001"
- Shaun Clowes, SecureReality

Secure Programming in PHP, January 30, 2002 (HTML)
- Thomas Oertli

CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ, June 3rd, 1998 (HTML)
- Gunther Birznieks

Security Issues in Perl Scripts (HTML)
- Jordan Dimov

Misc Documentation:
Application Security Assessments: Advice on Assessing your Custom Application, 2002 (HTML)
- Gunter Ollmann

Ethical Hacking Techniques to Audit and Secure Web-enabled Applications (PDF)
- sanctuminc

LDAP Injection: Are your web applications vulnerable?, July 28th 2003 (Remote Copy)

Application Penetration test (SAMPLE)
- Imperva


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