What is XPath Injection?

"XPath Injection is an attack technique used to exploit web sites that construct XPath queries from user-supplied input.

XPath 1.0 is a language used to refer to parts of an XML document. It can be used directly by an application to query an XML document, or as part of a larger operation such as applying an XSLT transformation to an XML document, or applying an XQuery to an XML document.

The syntax of XPath bears some resemblance to an SQL query, and indeed, it is possible to form SQL-like queries on an XML document using XPath. For example, assume an XML document that contains elements by the name user, each of which contains three subelements - name, password and account. The following XPath expression yields the account number of the user whose name is "jsmith" and whose password is "Demo1234" (or an empty string if no such user exists):"
- Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification Project


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