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The Worm that won't die

Well as everyone knows Code Red Worm is one busy worm.
It seems to be so busy in fact that it managed to this
site over 40 times in less then 2 days. Originally we got
hit roughly 30 times. Proof enough you need to keep your
systems patched and up to date. This worm can be reddened
by simply rebooting the machine. What I find amazing is that
some IIS servers actually managed to stay online for 30 days
without a crash. I don't know about you but I never managed
14 days straight with any windows machine without a serious

Oh well more logs posted below.
Yes they are boring but it certainly shows the impact
a port 80 related worm can make.

You'll notice one of these hits isn't from the worm but
from some dingbat testing it out on me.
(Check far right)


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