I created this website in 2000 to provide information on web security issues. Since then this site has expanded to cover Database Security, Web Server security, Web Application Security, HTTP, Web Services Security, and more. Some features of this site include bringing our users up to date information on the latest threats, patches, products, books, and more while staying as vendor neutral as possible. This website is also the oldest application security website on the net pre dating OWASP and other well known organizations.

About Me

CGISecurity isn't my only 'project'. I also  co founded The Web Application Security Consortium with Jeremiah Grossman in January of 2004, and The Web Security Mailing List in April 2005 (Which I am currently the lead moderator for). I work at an enterprise in Silicon valley doing Application Security, Secure Development Lifecycle Strategy, and Security Program Development.

If you have any questions or comments please shoot me an email.


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