Frequently Asked Web Security Questions

General Questions:
About this website
What is a False Positive?
What is a False Negative?
What is a secure site?"
How do I secure my site?
What is a Hacker?
What is a Security Fuzzer?

Types of Vulnerabilities:
What is Cross Site Request Forgery?
What is a Command Execution Vulnerability?
What is SQL Injection?
What is Blind SQL Injection?
What is Cross Site Scripting?
What is XSS?
What is a Session Fixation Attack?
What is XPath Injection?
What is Server Side Include Injection?

Application Firewalls:
What is a Web Application Firewall?

Application Scanners:
What is a Web Application Security Scanner?
What is a CGI Scanner?

Other Common Questions:
What is HTML Injection?

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