Web Application Security Consortium group formed

A new web security group called The Web Application Security Consortium announced itself today. This group will release documents, and form projects to help address some of the issues in web security. The first release by this group is the "Web Security Glossary", a index of all common terminology involving web application...

Free Web Services Security Tool

I found a free tool by Vordel that is very useful for people who plan on auditing their web services for security vulnerabilities called "Vordel SOAPbox" (Registration required). http://www.vordel.com/soapbox/index.html http://www.vordel.com/soapbox/more.html

New Approach to .NET obfuscation

I found an interesting article on slashdot talking about a new technology that will further lockdown .NET applications. From this initial article this looks like a promising new technology. "One area of research is called "Program State Code Protection,” or PSCP, which means changing the code AS IT RUNS to make it...
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