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Ambiguity In Ajax Lockdown Framework

An anonymous user writes "This draft sets focus on the complexities in ajax lockdown for client privacy.The framework is based on the concept of fusing ajax applications with direct web remoting.The stress is laid on the client server communication and t he main point of talk is encrypting the client data and decrypting on the server side.The algorithm blowfish is us ed and the security is defined on that part.The main point that kept in mind is the traffic intruding ,the support for protocol like HTTP/HTTPS is also there with TLS.The security mechanism is bit elaborated on the basis of user data privacy.The concept that is undertaken is the encryption towards the user defined data in the web form mainly where user data privacy is concerned.The data which is incorporated in the web application is encrypted and is s tored on the server with the back end defined as the database.I have found some contradictions against this definitive framework which i am going to list in front of the community. "

Article Link: http://zeroknock.metaeye.org/mlabs/ajaxlock.html


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