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My Visit to the RSA Conference

I really enjoyed going to the RSA conference this year and meeting up with some old friends and seeing some good talks. I only got to attend for two days one of which was for 'The Web Application Security Consortium' (I'm a co founder) get together (pictures available at the links below). I was frankly surprised at the number of people that showed up. I was expecting maybe 20 and saw 50-70 show up. I got to see a really good talk on fuzzing by Dr. Herbert Thompson which is a subject I feel strongly about.

The most enjoyable moment was when I accidentially got dragged to some random talk with a group of people I was attending RSA with. To my surprise the talk was given by Ray Kurzweil who is considered by many (including bill gates) to be the leading thinker on AI. I'd have to say that his talk was probably the best I've seen in my life on anything and if you get a chance to see him speak do go (as an athiest focusing on science, I find his stuff very interesting :)! He showcased a few of his inventions including a camera capable of taking a snapshot of a document and speaking it out, as well as a on the fly universal language translator (verbal and text based). A summary of his talk can be found here and here.

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