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Gangs infect 10,000 websites to steal users' bank details

"Hackers have launched an assault on websites in Italy and around the world dubbed the Italian Job in a move seen by internet security experts as the next step in the escalating problem of cyber crime.

Gangs presumed to be based in eastern Europe have probably infected more than 10,000 web pages on popular websites including travel agents, hotels, charities and government departments. Most of the sites are in Italy, though the attack has also spread to Spain and the US.

Using an attack tool kit available for �350 on the internet from Russia, the attackers implanted codes that download a "keylogger" onto the computer of anyone opening up those sites. The keylogger allows the hackers to monitor any activity on the infected machine - in effect to control the computer. That gives them access to any bank details, credit card information or passwords that are entered."

Article Link: http://money.guardian.co.uk/news_/story/0,,2106983,00.html


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