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Rolling Reviews: SPI Dynamics WebInspect

For a long long time I have intentionally not posted news about commercial products or services however know that many of you who frequent this site are interested in those sorts of things. Part of the reason why I haven't posted news on commercial products is that I used to work for a vendor and didn't want to appear to be promoting a service, product, or solution.

Networking computing has published a review of Webinspect by SPI Dynamics (my former employer) and will be publishing more reviews on other products in the space. In a nutshell complicated JS parsing (ajax) isn't as easy to handle as it sounds.

"We continue our ongoing reivew of Web application scanners with a look at WebInspect. The product wowed us with its interface and extras but had a hard time with our test app. Is this an isolated problem, or is the entire product category behind the times?" - Jordan Wiens

Review Link: http://www.networkcomputing.com/showArticle.jhtml?queryText=&articleID=199901318&pgno=2


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