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Facebook Tracks Down Hackers

"Most recently, Facebook has chased down three hackers who attempted to break into its site to access personal information back in June, according to InformationWeek. Although Facebook filed charges immediately following the attacks, up until now all the defendants have been John Does. The company managed to unmask three of them by taking a list of IP addresses and subpoenas to Look Communications and Rogers Communications, Canadian ISPs that were able to link the IPs to Brian Fabian, Josh Raskin, and Ming Wu.

Apparently, the alleged perpetrators have connections to SlickCash.com, a site dealing in porn site referrals. If successful, the information harvest could have been used for unsolicited e-mail or other seedy marketing ploys."

News Link: http://news.digitaltrends.com/news/story/15166/facebook_tracks_down_hackers


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