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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new and improved CGISecurity.com! After years of using the old design I've decided it was time for a change and thanks to my homeboy Romain we have a new design. In addition to the design you can now post comments, get partial story bodies in RSS feeds, and actually view the site from a mobile device. For now this new design is only working on .org and site functionality will be broken. Please visit  cgisecurity.com for our main working site.


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First off, thank you for adding RSS descriptions instead of just titles. Those of us who use RSS aggregators appreciate not having to click an extra link to read the blog. (We'd like it even more if you'd syndicate the full article instead of just the summary, but it's better than before). Secondly, on the front page there doesn't appear to be a date associated with any of the posts, just a time. A date might be more useful.

Thanks Angel One,

I've added dates to each entry per your suggestions. I've debating sticking in the entire story however into the web feeds however find that excerpts are best for my purpose.

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