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Google releases Chrome Web browser

UPDATED: Yet another issue is discovered, this time a DOS.

UPDATED: 3 hours later a vulnerability has been published.

Google has just released an open sourced browser based on Apple's Webkit. I'm guessing it will be less than 48 hours before the first vulnerability is discovered. Since Safari uses Webkit it will be interesting to see if vulnerabilities found in Chrome will also affect Safari users.

"Per the document, the Chrome browser will incorporate Apple's Webkit, Google's Gears and a new JavaScript engine called V8 which is designed to dramatically speed up the performance of JavaScript code. Rather than speeding up JavaScript parsing, as Safari and Firefox tend to do, V8 compiles JavaScript into native source code. The program also allows for better collection of expired memory and will be available as an open source component for other browsers."

Download Link: http://www.google.com/chrome
Article Link: http://www.powerpage.org/2008/09/google_outlines_chrome_web_browser_project.html


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