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PHP 5.3 and Delayed Cross Site Request Forgeries/Hijacking

"Although PHP 5.3 is still in alpha stage and certain features like the PHAR extension or the whole namespace support are still topics of endless discussions it already contains smaller changes that could improve the security of PHP applications a lot.

One of these small changes is the introduction of a new php ini directive called request_order. request_order is the response of the PHP developers to me preaching for years that using $_REQUEST is not only deprecated but actually dangerous for PHP applications. With request_order it is now possible to control in what order $_REQUEST is created and what variable sources are taken into account. This finally allows removing cookie data from $_REQUEST without removing them from $_COOKIE also.

Because removing cookies from $_REQUEST might break badly written software request_order is not set by default. However the recommended setting by the PHP developer is to set it to “GP” which means only $_GET and _POST data is merged into $_REQUEST with $_POST data overwriting $_GET data.

To learn why using $_REQUEST is a bad idea and what Delayed Cross Site Request Forgeries/Hijacking are continue reading…"

Read more: http://www.suspekt.org/2008/10/01/php-53-and-delayed-cross-site-request-forgerieshijacking/


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