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Uninformed Journal Release Announcement: Volume 10

Uninformed is pleased to announce the release of its 10th volume which is
composed of 4 articles:

Engineering in Reverse

  - Can you find me now? Unlocking the Verizon Wireless xv6800 (HTC Titan) GPS
    Author: Skywing

  - Using dual-mappings to evade automated unpackers
    Author: skape

Exploitation Technology

  - Analyzing local privilege escalations in win32k
    Author: mxatone

  - Exploiting Tomorrow's Internet Today: Penetration testing with IPv6
    Author: H D Moore

This volume of the journal can be found at:


About Uninformed:

Uninformed is a non-commercial technical outlet for research in areas
pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel
programming.  The journal is published roughly three times a year and
welcomes creative submissions from anyone who is interested in sharing

  - The Uninformed Staff
    staff [at] uninformed.org


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