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Budgeting for Web Application Security

Jeremiah has published an entry on budgeting for web application security in your company.

"“Budgeting” is a word I’ve been hearing a lot of questions about recently, which is another data point demonstrating that Web application security and software security are increasingly becoming a top of mind issue. The challenge that many security professionals face is justifying the line item expense for upper management. Upper management often asks, “How much do we need to spend?” well before “What do we need to spend it on?” I was talking with Boaz Gelbord (Executive Director of Information Security of Wireless Generation) and several others about this, and they provided keen insight on the subject. I have identified the following approaches to justifying security spending:

1) Risk Mitigation
"If we spend $X on Y, we’ll reduce of risk of loss of $A by B%."

2) Due Diligence
"We must spend $X on Y because it’s an industry best-practice."

3) Incident Response

"We must spend $X on Y so that Z never happens again."

4) Regulatory Compliance

"We must spend $X on Y because PCI-DSS says so."

5) Competitive Advantage
"We must spend $X on Y to make the customer happy.""

Read more: http://jeremiahgrossman.blogspot.com/2008/12/budgeting-for-web-application-security.html


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