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College students rig Victoria Secret online contest

"At Drexel University and a handful of other colleges, students created computer scripts to sway the contest—an online vote to nominate a university to receive its own clothing line—in their campuses’ favor.

Tim Plunkett, a junior at Drexel, created a script that could cast 1,500 votes per second, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian, the University of Pennsylvania’s independent student newspaper. Mr. Plunkett wrote the script in about three minutes and ran it on 30 different computers over 12 hours. The voting bot lifted the private university, with an undergraduate enrollment of more than 13,000 students, into first place with 5.2 million votes.

Thirty-one universities have their own PINK Collegiate Collection clothing lines, which hit stores in July and feature college logos on Victoria’s Secret T-shirts, sweatshirts, and underwear."

Victoria secret had this to say.

"Officials from Victoria’s Secret could not be reached on Monday but the company’s Web site offers this warning:

“Tech schools, we’re watching your votes. And we’re on to you. Don’t be surprised if PINK shows up at your school.” —David DeBolt"

Let's hope those wacky college kids don't get busted before they even graduate....

Read more: http://chronicle.com/wiredcampus/index.php?id=3491


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More cheating going on at the new Victoria's Secret "Love My Body" contest, with three nondescript women mysteriously jumping into the lead (over a deserving cancer patient) in just a few short hours.

Some people have absolutely no shame.