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"Last week, Sun released a patch for a vulnerability I reported to them.  The patch I’m talking about fixes the “GIFAR” issue.  I was unable to speak on the issue at Black Hat (for various reasons), but Nate McFeters did a great job of presenting the concept of GIFARs at Black Hat USA along with a simple example of how an attacker could use a GIFAR in an attack.  Now that the issue has been patched, I’d like to cover some of the things related to “GIFARs” that I thought were interesting (including a few items that were not mentioned at Black Hat).

Before we begin, I’d like to thanks Chok Poh from Sun’s Security team.  Chok was vital in fixing the GIFAR issue.  This patch required some significant thought as to how to best handle this issue.  Chok was very responsive and was smart enough to understand the impact of the unusual issue.  I’d also like to thank the Google Security team.  Google was our “guinea pig” for testing some of the pieces related to GIFARs and despite having to redesign some of their application behavior, they were gracious and very worked diligently to protect their users. "

Read more: http://xs-sniper.com/blog/2008/12/17/sun-fixes-gifars/


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