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British hacker gang 'tried to steal £229m from Japanese bank'

"A six-strong hacker gang attempted to plunder £229million from a Japanese bank in an audacious high-tech scam, a court heard.  

A crooked security guard at Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui let alleged computer hackers into the building in the dead of night where they installed spy software on computers used for multi-million pound cash transfers, the jury was told.

Days later the gang returned to harvest user names and passwords that staff had typed in, it was claimed.

In the early hours of the morning they used the data to try and transfer hundreds of millions of pounds from the bank's customers to specially set up accounts across the world, the court was told.

The gang attempted to plunder the accounts of customers including Toshiba International, Nomura Asset Management, Mitsui OSK Lines and Sumitomo Chemicals and send millions of pounds to their accounts in Spain, Dubai, Honk Kong and Singapore, Snarebook Crown Court was told.  

But the giant scam failed after the gang typed the wrong numbers into the cash transfer forms.  "

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1126502/The-self-styled-Lord-hacker-gang-tried-steal-229m--bank-high-tech-scam.html


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