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Gary McKinnon confesses to escape extradition to USA

"COMPUTER hacker Gary McKinnon has signed a formal confession in a last-ditch attempt to avoid his extradition to the US, his family have confirmed.

Former Highgate Wood School pupil Mr McKinnon, 42, is currently awaiting extradition after being accused of causing $700,000 worth of damage when he allegedly hacked into US security systems from his Crouch End home in 2002.

Wilson Sharp, who has been Mr McKinnon's stepfather for 36 years, said: "Gary admitted hacking into the systems when he was originally caught but this is more formal.

"In order that he is tried in this country, they need to know that he is an open and shut case.""

We've covered Gary many times before. Apparently he was hacking NASA in an attempt to find evidence of UFO's.

Read more: http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/content/camden/hamhigh/news/story.aspx?brand=NorthLondon24&..
BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7824799.stm


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Gary I don’t understand why you call yourself solo…doesn’t that mean one? Daddy knows exactly what you were looking for and he is not happy with you costing all this money to the US and England with your lies. Nice try with the Asperger’s though…well not really. I have had Asperger’s all of my life, how about you G. F with the US and get what’s coming to you…you are guilty and you need to be made an example of or the next thing you know the Chinese might think we are fair game and try it…oh I know their trying, but there are many people keeping tabs you just don’t see us…tell your UFO stories to your cell mates. 70 years is really not that bad, GITMO’s closed and so it will just be you and your wives. They will listen to your UFO BS but I'm sick of this circus. Give it up G and start spitting the truth or I will…I h8 hackers more than I do your story. It is 2/10/2009 you have 2 days. 2l84u2c

What this article doesn't tell you is that Gary DID find evidence of the U.S. Government's involvement with extraterrestrials, including pictures of huge spacecraft and a list of "non-terrestrial officers"! He also claims that he wasn't the only one hacking the U.S. NAVY, ARMY, Air Force, and Pentagon computers - he said several others were, too, and that he suspected it was intelligence agencies of various other countries. The facts of the matter are that extraterrestrials exist, the U.S. government is involved with them and are hiding it from the public, and that Mr. McKinnon is being made an example of due to the U.S. government's embarrassment over the absurd lack of security of it's electronic systems. Search YouTube for the various interviews with McKinnon for more information on what he saw and why the U.S. wants to make him pay for it!

McKinnon needs to face the music. Had he done so a few years ago, his ordeal would have ended by now.

This muppet needs to be extradited at once.I'm a firm beliver in justice.If another country did this toward the UK.You better belive extradition would be okay.The UK and Europe are full of hypocrites.

Gary is a smart guy... He is with no doubt an asset to the UK... America should be more worried about Chinese, North Koreans or even Russian hackers.

This shows who are true allies are, If this was the other way around we would have extradited him at once, just look at the German prison guard for instance. The guy caused hundreds of thousands of damage in our systems and these British fucks want his release...FUCK YOU.

He apparently not only found touched up NASA photos but also tagged evidence of communication with our space fleet and moon base. That is pretty much the most secret of all secrets, so he is a marked man. It's really time for more whistle blowers to come forward. The Chinese break into our government files every day with no consequence so the break in by itself is a non-event. Guess they figured he is an easy target to make an example of. This was discussed at the end of the Barcelona Exopolitics Conference in July. He is an international hero.

gary....gary.man theese pencil pushers with agenda's and politics can cut the tention with a knife. you are being made an example of and i can say i know what youre going thru. i was made an example of for graffiti,and was charged $60,000 for about 3,000 dollars worth of actual damage.
I did not beat my case and served 1 year and a day,not in prison.
2 felony's back to back for graffiti?
i have no priors and had a clean record at that date.the U.s. will push the max bro. im sorry to tell you this bad news.I will keep your thoughts with me and will chant for your well being.i saw your project camelot video and some others..
just bring out those big gunz you have on the american's and tell the world what is going on!
space fleets? to mars and another space fleet on the moon?
also John lear and others have brought forth space fleets for a while now. this is not new to the ufo world but you hold the goods.what you do with that you should be very smart in your actions.god bless you are a hero!!

Gary McKinnon is not innocent of this, but think about it. Lets consider some crucial factors:
1. This guy has a form of autism. Yes, he should go to prison, but should have a British trial as this is suitable to his condition.
2. If you had the power to find out everything that you haven't been told, would you use this power?
3. Even if he wasn't looking for UFOs, he maybe thought that it was right in all aspects. You would do something if you thought it was right.
4. If you were to be extradited, would you defend yourself or just stand by.