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Sacked Croydon hacker spied on former colleagues' e-mails

"An IT expert sacked for lying on his CV hacked into his company's computer system to spy on his former colleagues - and deleted vital information which led to the loss of jobs.

Julius Oladiran, 46, was dismissed from after his employers discovered his boasts of a master's degree, and top Government jobs were all lies.

Desperate to know what people were saying about him, the conman installed spyware on the office network to track e-mail gossip.

But he also deleted e-mails delegating work between colleagues, which meant the company lost a month's work on a project, which then collapsed, leading to the laying off of several workers."

Read more: http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/latestnews/Sacked-Croydon-hacker-spied-colleagues-e-mails/article-594293-detail/article.html


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