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A run down of the major security mailing lists

Here's a run down of the main mailing lists that I follow. While most of these are known in the security industry, many people who frequent this site are from various backgrounds and may find this list useful.

Bugtraq: "BugTraq is a full disclosure moderated mailing list for the *detailed* discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities: what they are, how to exploit them, and how to fix them.".  The largest and oldest list around. Respek.

Full Disclosure: An un-moderated free for all where anything goes (98% is noise)

Vuln-dev: "The VULN-DEV list exists to allow people to report potential or undeveloped holes. The idea is to help people who lack expertise, time, or information about how to research a hole do so."

Daily Dave: Focuses on lower level exploitation and groundbreaking research.

Pen-test: Help with penetration testing questions and tools.

Security Jobs: 1 guess at what this is for.

My personal favorites

SC-L: The secure coding mailing list focuses on how to program securely and security program development.

The Web Security Mailing List: Covers everything website, or application security. The highest traffic webappsec list around.  Full disclosure, I founded this list and currently moderate it.

If you know of any other decent lists please suggest them below.


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Here's some of the ones I like. Not all of them have mailing lists, but they do all have RSS feeds.




InfoSec News (ISN) - http://www.infosecnews.org/

Rick Forno's Infowarrior list - http://attrition.org/mailman/listinfo/infowarrior

sans.org? Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram?

Those are websites and digests, not mailing lists.

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