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Black hats poison Google video search

"Instead of video clips, researchers at Trend Micro discovered that around 400,000 queries returning malicious results that lead to a single redirection point, which leads onto an array of maliciously constructed websites designed to load malware onto vulnerable Windows PCs. The strain of malware spread using the attack - named as AQPlay-A by Trend Micro - poses as a Abode Flash Player update that's supposedly needed to view video content.

Running the software on unprotected PCs leads to infection. The malware is also programmed to spread via removable and network drives.

Hackers behind the attack have been careful to camouflage the assault. Trend Micro reckons the VXers organising the assault are maintaining a large number of domains, each full of keywords, so that these pages appear at the high in search results when users enter targeted search queries."

Read more: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/02/google_video_search_poisoned/


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The original and much more in-depth analysis was posted on the 27th of January, followed by another one on the 28th of January :