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MS09-002 exploit in the wild

Sans is reporting the MS09-002 exploit is in the wild.

"Several AV vendors reported about MS09-002 exploits in the wild. We can confirm this – the exploit for the CVE-2009-0075 vulnerability (Uninitialized Memory Corruption) in Internet Explorer 7 is definitely in the wild and working as charm on an unpatched Windows XP machine.

Initially there was some confusion about this attack as most AV vendors mentioned Word documents. The exploit targets Internet Explorer 7, but so far it has been delivered to the end user as a Word document. That being said; there is absolutely nothing preventing attackers from using the exploit in a drive-by attack (and we can, unfortunately, expect that this will happen very soon).

The exploit code does something similar to a heap spray, but there is a difference that it deletes created objects and even calls CollectGarbage() as seen in the code snippet below:"

Read more: http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=5884


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