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FRHack threatens to sue person using screenshots to criticize them?

I found the following post fairly amusing and had to link it here.

"A few days ago I complained about the incredibly awkward IT Security Girl of the Year award that will be dished out later this year at the French IT security conference FRHACK. Apparently the FRHACK organizers did not like what I wrote because they are now threatening to sue me if I do not remove the screenshot of the incredibly inappropriate photos they used to advertise the IT Sec Girl award. The following sentence is from an email I received from one of the FRHACK organizers.

"We just ask you to remove this picture http://www.the-interweb.com/bdump/misc/itsec_girl.jpg because these pictures are copyrighted. Thanks to delete your screenshot or we will take legal action."

And so the security drama goes on.

Read more: https://www.openrce.org/blog/view/1403/FRHACK_organizers_are_now_threatening_to_sue_me


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What a bunch of nonsense.

That's not true

Is this information verified?

This site is claiming it is. Take it with a grain of salt.

We would like to clarify the situation because this story doesn't reflect goals of FRHACK.

1) It's true that we planned the "IT Security Girl of the Year" award.
First problem here was the bad translation from french.
We absolutely never wanted to create a sexist award, at the opposite, we would like to promote the IT security field for women (using the french word "fille", word-by-word translation of "girl" is not a sexist sentence for french people).
So here, we had a problem of cultural shock.
That's a bad point for us.
We apologize for that!

We definitively didn't want to create a "babe award", but just give a chance to women to demonstrate that they can be as (or more) skilled than men.
Do you know any IT sec conf trying to do so?

Furthermore, we accept all criticisms when they are founded.
So, we said that publicly in the 1st reply of sp blog's post.
"Thanks to pointing us on some misunderstood stuff and bad translations."

2) It's true that we used badly chosen pictures to illustrate the award.
We didn't have sexism in mind.
Again, sense of humour can cause cultural shocking problems (tongue-in-cheek humor).
We apologize for that!

3) It's true that we used a picture, discovered later as copyrighted.
We removed this picture from our website when the photograph sent us an email on Feb. 22:
"I ask that you please remove it immediately from your site or I will take legal action."

On Feb. 23, sp posted his message on his blog, including a screenshot with the copyrighted picture.
Afraid to have to deal with the photograph's lawyer, we asked sp to remove this screenshot, firstly in our reply to his post:
"Please remove your screenshot, since pictures are copyrighted. Thanks "

Since we didn't have feedback from sp, and still afraid to see us, or sp, to be sued and fired by the photograph, we sent an email to sp on Feb. 27:

we accept your comments on "IT Security Girl of the Year http://www.the-interweb.com/serendipity/index.php?/archives/118-IT-Security-Girl-of-the-Year.html" at the FRHACK Conference

it helped us to find a better name to avoid misunderstood things

We just ask you to remove this picture
http://www.the-interweb.com/bdump/misc/itsec_girl.jpg because these
pictures are copyrighted.
Thanks to delete your screenshot or we will take legal action."

That was the worst thing we do, with an horrible copy/paste from the photograph's email.
We understand that it was not cool.
We apologize for this, sincerely. We are sorry.
But please, consider that we never really thinking to sue sp!

After that, we completely removed this award from our website.

SORRY for the inconvenience.
We really respect sp, hackers and bloggers.

You have to know that it's hard to organize a conference.

The Frhack organizers
- Happy hacking