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Opera 9.64 Security Updates and Enhancements

From Opera's changelog

  • Fixed an issue where specially crafted JPEG images ccould be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Tavis Ormandy of the Google Security Team; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where plug-ins could be used to allow cross domain scripting, as reported by Adam Barth; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Fixed a moderately severe issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Added support for the following platform-specific features: 
    • DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Microsoft WindowsXP® with Service Pack 2 and higher and Microsoft Windows Server 2003® with Service Pack 1
    • ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) in Microsoft Windows Vista®

Read more: http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/964/


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