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New cert program for Application Security Specialists

A new certification program has just been launched, and is brought to you by the same people who brought us ScanLessPCI


"The Institute is the industry's leading authority for Certified ASS's. Our curriculum complies with the highest industry standards while still reflecting the operational realities of securing applications in the modern enterprise. For far too long there's been no standard certification for those securing our most essential applications; the institute was created to fill this dangerous gap. By hiring Certified ASS's employers can be assured their critical applications are protected by experts meeting the top industry standards. Individuals can advance their careers and personal development by obtaining validated proof of their skills as an ASS.

What are the benefits to individuals?
As the premier application security certification program that also reflects real-world realities, certification provides the following benefits:

No need to study - Candidates use our exclusive certification process to prove their Stated History of Individual Training via self-validation, which reflects their real-world experiences.

No need to take exams - After self validation, candidates agree to the Oath of Office and Code of Ethics. This process ensures only the most experienced ASS achieve certified status, without the need for a test.

Lowest Cost - There is no cost to become a Certified ASS! While many candidates have long been considered ASS's, they can now validate that claim with true certification at no cost.

Reflects the real world of security - By eliminating costly training programs and standardized tests, the Institute created a process that matches the standard management, processes for enterprise application security, and consistent with today's industry best-practices."

Read more on how to get certified: http://www.asscert.com/


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