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Astalavista.com hacked

"For those who don't know of Astalavista, it was a popular website for "hackers" with relatively low-quality content. It started in 1994, and was one of the first search engines for computer security information. It hosted software exploits, and quickly degenerated into a forum for sharing software cracks, spyware, and virii.

Yes man, the historical security group ASTALAVISTA has been destroyed by anti-sec group. I really didn't know who anti-sec group was, but they're truly amazing. I started my personal security carrier in sites such as ASTALAVISTA where security lovers meet each others sharing information and experiences, but sincerely I don't miss the ASTALAVISTA community"

Read more: http://security-sh3ll.blogspot.com/2009/06/astalavistacom-hacked.html
Full Disclosure Post with details: http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2009/Jun/0048.html


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amazing ,out Astalavista part 2 -- some others website owned by the same staff has been hacked

If Astalavista.com was your beginner's guide to computer security, then why would you not miss it?
I suppose you've gotten all the use you need out of it. But what about the next generation of people who want to learn how to protect themselves?

I can't beilive the world's biggest portal site had hacked.What must we do for pretending hack?

I used astalavista for a very long time as crack searcher
they used to provide crack and serials search since very beginning because it is the easiest way to attract a huge amount of visitors ;)
free advertising in fact

hmm Astalavista.box.sk astalavista.com same site?

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