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Heading out to blackhat/defcon

I'm heading out later today for my yearly Blackhat/Defcon trip and looking to attend the following blackhat talks as of now.

Day 1

  • Veiled - A Browser Based Darknet
  • Practical Windows XP/2003 Heap Exploitation
  • Fighting Russian Cybercrime Mobsters
  • More Tricks for Defeating SSL
  • Enterprise Java Rootkits
  • The Language of Trust
  • State of the Art Post Exploitation in Hardened PHP Environments

Day 2

  • Fight Against 1-Day Exploits
  • Fuzzing the Phone in your Phone
  • Defensive Rewriting
  • Breaking the Security Myths of Extended Validation SSL Certificates
  • MD5 Collisions
  • A Black Hat Vulnerability Risk Assessment

If you're also in Vegas and wish to chat app security I'll be at OWASP's breakout briefing about Critical Infrastructures July 29, 16:45 in Genoa room.

BH Schedule: http://blackhat.com/html/bh-usa-09/bh-usa-09-schedule.html


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