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One In Two Security Pros Unhappy In Their Jobs?

Darkreading posted the following article on a infosec job survey that I found highly intriguing.

"Kushner and Murray say they were surprised by security's high number of unhappy campers -- 52 percent of the around 900 security pros who participated in the survey are less than satisfied with their current jobs. Only 27 percent said they are are satisfied, and about 21 percent said they are more than content, according to the survey. "People in security are generally passionate about what they do," Murray says. "You'd think in a progressive industry that [it wouldn't be the case] that one out of two are not happy...that shocked me."

Salary isn't the problem, either: Around 45 percent said they make more than $100,000 a year. "It's pretty telling that [they're] well-paid," Kushner says. And when asked why they change jobs, money was not the main driver. Turns out, 37 percent said they move on to get closer to their career goals, 30 percent to learn new skills, 22 percent for quality of life, and 10 percent for higher salaries."

Come to think of it, I'm at my 3rd company in 3 years! :)

Read more: http://darkreading.com/security/management/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=218600434


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