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New Site Addressing Python Security

For you python developers out there, Craig Younkins sent the following to The Web Security Mailing List (which I moderate) this morning.

"I'd like to invite you to a new community - http://www.pythonsecurity.org/ -
which is now the central hub for security in Python. We're writing articles
on security topics and how they pertain to Python, analyzing the security of
Python software, and providing a forum where developers can get answers to
their Python security questions.

Interested? Great!

  • If you have open-source Python software, the best thing you can do is contribute to the wiki page for your software by explaining the security controls, their implementations, and usage.
  • If you haven't written open-source Python software, that's OK too. We'd love your help on our currently focused wiki page for session management [1].
  • If you're not a Python programmer you can still contribute to our pages on general security topics [2]. These pages include general information as well as Python-specific information about the what, how, and why of security controls."


Craig Younkins

[1] http://www.pythonsecurity.org/wiki/sessionmanagement/
[2] http://www.pythonsecurity.org/wiki/topics/"


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