Quick defcon/blackhat preparation list

A couple of people had asked me what are some things that you can do prior to attending hacker cons such as Blackhat and Defcon. Kurt Cobain said it best "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you'. Here's a short list (albeit not complete as I don't plan to...

Summary of Google+ browser security protections

Ray "Vanhalen" Kelly has written a post describing the security mechanisms used by Google+, as well as compares them to facebook. In particular he reviews each HTTP protection header and provides a good explanation of the purpose of each protection. Link: https://www.barracudanetworks.com/blogs/labsblog?bid=1743

Paper: Web Application finger printing Methods/Techniques and Prevention

Anant Shrivastava has posted a whitepaper providing a rundown of application fingerprinting methodologies, as well as comparisons of various tools such as W3af, BlindElephant, and Wapplyzer. "This Paper discusses about a relatively nascent field of Web Application finger printing, how automated web application fingerprinting is performed in the current scenarios, what are...

Oracle website vulnerable to SQL Injection

Someone has published a SQL Injection in labs.oracle.com at http://www.thehackernews.com/2011/07/oracle-website-vulnerable-to-sql.html . That is all.
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