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A reminder that what you say at events may show up in unexpected places (like the news)

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Yahoo event discussing bug bounty programs where all the organizers of these bounties were discussing their experiences. I attended this conference because years earlier I was involved in creating PayPal's bug bounty program and wanted to ask a panel of people currently running a program about their experiences.  I asked a question, then an hour or so later left to attend some meetings.  Fast forward a week.

Yesterday I got an email from someone on the east coast asking if I was on NPR's allthings considered radio (I love this show btw) yesterday morning and I immediately responded with no. Naturally I was curious and after googling I found that while attending the Yahoo Bug Bounty event (which was good stuff btw!) one of the questions I had asked was picked up and quoted in the NPR radio program.  I listen to NPR almost daily, but just started listening to 'Reamde' as part of my commute and would have missed it had someone not mentioned it to me.

I'm not posting this to 'self promote' or anything like that (I didn't accomplish anything after all...). I only mention this situation because it's a good example of being aware of your surroundings, and that things you say may show up in unexpected places such as in the media. In this case I have no complaints but wanted to use this opportunity to remind those younger infosecers that this does in fact happen (it just happened to me!).


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