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Gary McKinnon set to face extradition after Crown Prosecution Service ruling

"Hacker Gary McKinnon is set to face extradition to the US following a Crown Prosecution Service ruling.
The service has refused to bring charges against him after a decision found that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute him, the evidence is not reflected in the criminality that is alleged by the American authorities.
McKinnon was arrested in 2002 after allegedly hacking into computers belonging to the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Department of Defense and NASA. He claimed that he broke into the networks only to uncover confidential information about anti-gravity propulsion systems and extraterrestrial technology which he believed the authorities were hiding from the public."

I've covered Gary multiple times in the past.

Read more: http://www.scmagazineuk.com/Gary-McKinnon-set-to-face-extradition-after-Crown-Prosecution-Service-ruling/article/127882/
PC World Article: http://www.pcworld.com/article/160289/uk_declines_to_prosecute_hacker_wanted_in_us.html


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With all legal attemps exhausted we urge for help - petition Obama to give Gary one final reprieve.

Please sign the Petition; Obama – Please don't extradite Gary McKinnon!