.NET (dotnet) Security


Code Security and Cracking:

Building Security Awareness in .NET Assemblies : Part 1 - Learn to break a .NET Assembly
Building Security Awareness in .NET Assemblies : Part 2 - Learn to protect your .NET assemblies from being tampered
Building Security Awareness in .NET Assemblies : Part 3 - Learn to break Strong Name .NET Assemblies


Security in the Microsoft .NET Framework (Foundstone)
.Net Security Blog
Java vs. .NET Security, Part 1
Java vs. .NET Security, Part 2
Microsoft .NET Web Services Solutions, (DOC)
Secure Coding Practices for Microsoft .NET Applications, 2003 (PDF)
Software Engineers Put .NET and Enterprise Java Security to the Test
Code access security in the .NET Framework
Security Policy Best Practices
ASP Security: Why Firewalls Are Not Enough
Authentication Comparison
A Programmers Checklist
Security in the Microsoft .NET Framework: An Analysis by Foundstone, Inc (PDF)


Microsoft Security
Another Microsoft Security page
NTFS Security, Part 1: Implementing NTFS Standard Permissions on Your Web Site
Microsoft Passport to Trouble
Secure Coding Guidelines (HTML)

.NET newsgroup forums:



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